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Balancing the Goddess and the God

Friday, March 11th, 2011

In my current personal practice of Wicca, I understand that there needs to be a balance of energies within my religion.  I find though that, more often than not, we Witches are considered part of a Goddess religion.  I am aware that this may have been the case when the Craft was first revived (in the 1950s); however, I believe, with the exception of Dianic Covens, that most of today’s Witches see the advantage of a balance of power in rituals, rites and our relationship with the gods.   Perhaps some of the Goddess emphasis came from the pendulum swing created when many people changed from the patriarchal structure of the Christian world.  This being the point from which most of us began out spiritual journey. I believe it is a challenge to transition from the single Deity (God) or even the God in three persons (all male) to a concept of many Goddesses and Gods (polytheism).

When I first entered the Craft it was very much a Goddess religion.  The God was only acknowledged as the consort of the Goddess and the High Priest was just in circle to protect the High Priestess.  Neither I nor any other male Witch was ever allowed to touch the altar or even be taught how to activate the altar.  I know that times have changed and we are more eclectic today than back then, however, there is still the feeling that we are Goddess orientated.  In an attempt to visualize the concept of balance between the God and Goddess I looked at the Tree of Life within the Qabalah.

Before we take a look at the Tree, be aware that the Qabalah is more of a universal symbol than one of the Judaeo/Christian doctrine.  It is a Hermetic tool and most likely predates Judaism.    As such, we Witches can use the Tree of Life to help us understand the Universe and life itself, but that is beyond the scope of this article.  For this example, I want to use just the three top spheres (sephirot) or what is called the supernal triangle.

If we conceptualize Kether at the top of the supernal triangle as Deity, then we have a starting place. Kether is understood to be both male and female.  It is the focal point from which everything emanates.  From Kether the force or energy is directed to Chokhmah which is the male representation of God and to Binah which is the female representation.  Binah represents the Mother Goddess and Chokhmah the Father God.  As we descend the Tree of Life we find all the Goddesses and all the Gods placed according to their traits.

Although this correlation may not work for those who are not familiar with the Tree of life it is a great visual for those who have at least a cursory understanding.  Given some thought you may even find a visualization and correlation that works better for you.

That being said, it begs to ask the question; why is balance important and what is wrong with Goddess religion?  It really depends upon what you are looking for on your spiritual path.  If you are tired of male dominance and are looking for a change in favor of the feminine then this is not an issue for you.  However, if you believe as I do that real magick can only occur when both masculine and feminine energies are employed, you will be obliged to move to that space between masculine and feminine enabling you to access both.  With very few exceptions, in nature, the male and female are needed in order to procreate.  Since it is your path you follow, only you can decide whether or not to follow just the Goddess or a balance of Gods and Goddesses.