About Me

My name is Michael Cheiron (Ky-Ron). I have traveled many spiritual paths during his life and have been Wiccan since 1993. I was born in During WWII in Middle England, in Nottinghamshire. I was actually born in the small village of Newark-On-Trent, in a front yard bomb shelter. Since my mother was very young, I was raised by my maternal grandmother who was of the Old Religion and a Spiritualist. Although I have an extremely good memory of my early childhood, I do not consider myself a Heredity Witch. In retrospect even though she did many things that a Witch would do, she didn’t teach me how to do those things. She took me to the Church of England, Spiritualist Meetings and other gatherings that were never explained to me, perhaps because Witchcraft was illegal in England at that time.

My mother married an American and I moved with her to the United States as a young lad (I barely knew my mother at that time). We lived in New York City and it was a major change from a village in the Shire to the mean streets of a big city. My early spiritual training in the U.S. was being sent off to church each Sunday, but never accompanied by either my mother or step-father. As a teenager I went to several different churches including the Roman Catholic Church where I studied my catechisms and converted. I still remember Father Brown and how I frustrated him by wanting answers and not accepting “you must take it on faith”. As an adult I became disenchanted with Catholicism and went back to the Methodist church and eventually became a Methodist minister. After leaving the ministry I attended a Reformed Jewish Temple where I converted and became a lay teacher. But, in all that I never felt truly at home. I was still seeking and not sure for what.

My whole life has been a search for my true path in this world. I have always been interested in the occult and studied many paths, my studies included Rosicrucianism, the Tarot, Astrology, High Magick, Buddhism, and of course Witchcraft. After many other false turns, I have found the Wiccan path and I know this is what I have been searching for. I consider himself a humble healer and teacher of the Old Religion.

I love to read and have read a wide variety of books including the works of Madam Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie, Dion Fortune and Raven Grimassi as well as more recent writers such as Christopher Penczak. I have a large library of over 300 books that cover astrology, witchcraft, yoga, reiki, and many other occult topics. I think I go to extremes and can’t resist getting another book when I find one. I do understand that books are the academic aspect and the practical aspect is just as important, if not more so.

As a teaching Reiki Master and Voyager Tarot teacher, my wife Debbie (who is also a Reiki Master and a Witch) and I owned and operated ‘Wisdom Quest’ in Atlanta for several years. In addition to Reiki we taught a wide variety of other metaphysical subjects. I also taught in Atlanta at Inner Space and was on staff at the Atlantian Mystery School where I taught psychology, healing, tarot and meditation. I hold a BA in Social Psychology, a Master of Social Work (MSW), a Ph.D. in Child and Family Development, and a Certificate in Gerontology.

In the working world, I spent twenty years in the U.S. Military followed by a short stint in law enforcement as a parole officer, a corrections department training officer and eventually serving as a Special Agent for the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council. I was also a Master Instructor for the state and taught peace officers how to teach law enforcement subjects to other peace officers. I was a nursing home social worker and administrator for United Hospice. When I retired from the workforce I was working as a Gerontologist, treating mental health patients in area nursing homes.

I was very fortunate to have traveled and visited many countries in my lifetime. I have been to Greece, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Thailand and the Philippines. It is very interesting to learn the languages, religions and cultures of other countries. I only learned to speak German and a limited amount of Thai. But, could order food and drink in many languages, and that’s important.

Currently I am retired from the mundane world and reside with my wife, two dogs and a cat in North Georgia. I am High Priest  and co-founder of LunaFyre Sanctuary. I am Clergy and Elder of the now inactive Family Wiccan Traditions International (FWTI).  I am a United Brotherhood minister and as well as FWTI clergy and as such officiate at handfastings and interfaith weddings I am very active in both the Wiccan communities where I teach tarot, psychic self defense, astrology, meditation, Reiki and other metaphysical subjects. I also contribute to my local community as a volunteer and past member of the Board of Directors with the Charles Smithgall Humane Society

As a HAM radio operator I hold a Extra Class License and have served as president for the local HAM club. My other hobbies include reading, hiking, bicycle riding and traveling in our RV. I have three children, Patti who is married and lives in Florida, Jennifer who lives in Arkansas and Joe who also lives in Arkansas. I have nine grandchildren.

I am a student on the road of life and will be until I transition this world.

Last modified on September 26, 2011