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A couple of days ago I purchased nine new books. After I made my purchases it made me think about books in general and most specifically my obsession with books. I have an extensive library of books almost all of which are either Wiccan, Pagan or the occult. I will read a book once and then keep it for reference or to read again later. When I re-read a book that I read several years ago, I oftentimes find material that I didn’t see before. I believe that when that happens we were just not ready for that piece of information the first time we read it. Even my original book of shadows (that is hand written by me) sometimes reveals information long forgotten or just not as relevant at the time as it is now.

It is said that when you are ready a teacher will appear. This must also apply to the books we read once and are not ready, only to read again when we are ready. Teachers come in many forms, human, animal, plant, mineral and even media such as movies, T.V. (ugh) and the written word. The only limitation I have is time and sometimes discipline. I also find the more we observe life the more that is revealed to us. It is like a self fulfilling prophesy, the more see the more we want to see and therefore the more we see, etc.

I have filled several bookcases with books that I have collected over the years and they are like old friends, with whom I would not want to part. Maybe in some way they are better than old friends as old friends will move away, get busy in other interests or even get mad about something little thing and move on with their lives. My books just wait around until I get ready to pick them up and read them once more. They never get mad, jealous or lose interest. They are just there, like a faithful dog with a long life.

I was better about buying books for a while. After all books are expensive and they take up a lot of room. Once I discovered that I could buy used books much cheaper on the internet, my passion was in full bloom again. This too got expensive, the book cases bulged and a new bookcase had to be built costing me more money. So I cut back on my book buying, at least for a while. Then along came books that could be downloaded on-line and they were free. They were in PDF form and I had to read them on my computer, but free is good.

Then one day I bought a Kindle. I think it will hold 3500 books. I had discovered book Utopia. Now I could have a bookcase full of books in my hand and take it anywhere. My reference books were ready and I didn’t have to hunt and find where I left them last time. But, as evidenced buy my last purchase it can become obsessive. In my own defense, I only paid 99 cents per book and some were classics and references. In fact a couple of them are duplicates of books I have on my shelves. The advantage is I no longer need to lug a briefcase full of books when I travel. I just need to remember to bring the charger for the Kindle.

Some of the sites I find inexpensive or free books are:

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