Conversation with a Cricket

Posted by on August 6, 2011

On a recent afternoon when it wasn’t quite as hot as is has been this Summer, I stepped out on my front porch for a breath of fresh air. My wife had gone to town to run some errands and I was expecting her back at any moment. The dogs went out with me and immediately ran off to do what dogs do. As I was standing there I looked down on the rail and there was a cricket. We looked at each other and I decided to move a little closer as did he. We were eventually very close and looking at each other. I spoke and he seemed to listen.

We exchanged greetings and looked each other over. It was at that point that I noticed he had only one antenna. The other one was broken off over half way down. So we had some common ground. I had a motorcycle accident many years ago and I still walk with a slight limp. Well, it is slight most days and depending on the weather and what I have been up to, it is more than slight. We talked about how an injury can slow you down and maybe even limit some activities. I told him how I had not been careful and that had caused my injury. He said that it was the same for him.. A careless moment and a flying predator had swooped down and snipped off his antenna. Actually he liked to call them his antlers. We agreed it it only takes a moment of carelessness or inattention for something bad to happen.

About that time my wife came home and as she walked up the steps and my new friend moved to the far side of the rail. I don’t know if the fact that her name is Dragonfly had anything to do with it. And, by the way they don’t call them dragonflies because they are nice and easy to get along with. Anyway, she went into the house and as soon as she did, my friend turned and returned to my side of the rail. We chatted a little longer and both agreed that we must be more careful if we are to survive this world.

I needed to go inside, so we thanked the gods for this opportunity, wished each other well and said goodbye. A little later I went out on the back porch and there on the rail was another cricket. I was excited after my recent encounter and moved a little closer. At that point the cricket flew off in a panic. Evidently not all crickets are as brave or as friendly as the one I met in the front yard. I laughed and thought how special it was to have had this inter-species conversation with a cricket. I have looked for him since, but have not seen him again. I hope he remembered to be careful.

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