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Posted by on June 5, 2011

Since I have not been home much in the past couple of months, I have missed my back yard.  It seems to have become so green in my absence. Friends that visited from Florida, this week, even commented on how green everything is.  I decided to enjoy it this morning and soaked in the hot tub for about an hour.  During that time, I listened to the birds singing in the trees and flying overhead.

At one point a hawk made a low pass over the trees and was pursued by two smaller birds that seemed really upset.  It reminded me of my dog Raven that passed earlier this Spring.  We called her our huntress.  One day she was in our back yard and managed to snag a bird out of mid air.  She was so proud!  Although it didn’t please us, it really made the songbirds angry and for the rest of that year she was attacked by dive-bombing birds that held a grudge.

There are those that say animals don’t remember or have a soul, but I for one believe they do.  These birds obviously grieved one of their own and demonstrated their anger for a sustained period of time.  I have witnessed many situations where animals and birds have mourned the loss of one of their own.  I know that there is a spark of the Devine in every living thing as much as there is in us.  I honor this in all of life and know that we all share the energies of the cosmos and the Spirit of Deity.

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