A Short Rant

Posted by on March 11, 2011

I have been complacent for far too long.  I receive e-mail and Facebook posts that are not appropriate and not appreciated.  They are steeped in predigism, hatred and bigotry.  I believe it is time for me to stand-up for what I believe in.  I am a realist and I am not a bleeding heart liberal.  I have the right to my opinion and believe I have earned it.  I spend 20 years of  my life defending this Republic as an American serviceman and another 10 years in law enforcement.  I love my country and truly fear for the direction in which we are going.

There was a time that American were respected throughout the world and those that took us on paid a heavy price for doing so.  Not just in a wartime situation, but in the eyes of the rest of the world.  We have lost that respect and honorable position that we once held.  Many Americans today have to have someone to hate.  In fact, this is one trait that has followed the human race throughout time.  There have been groups singled out for this hatred throughout history.  Today that hatred is aimed at the illegal aliens that come into this country from Mexico.  It wasn’t too long ago that that hatred was aimed at the people of color.  And, women have been the brunt of this in many cultures at many times.

We are already pointing some of this hatred toward gay men and lesbian women.  Who will be next?  Will it be the legal aliens, the liberals, the homeless, the elderly, the Democrats, the Republicans, those that vote, those that don’t vote. the northerners, the southerners, the Pagans and the Witches?  Will it be you?

There have been times when people stood by while others were persecuted and have done nothing.  One by one group after another of people were singled out arrested and murdered and no one spoke out.  And, when the tide turned and it was their turn to be arrested, there was no one left to speak for them.  You need only to look at Nazi Germany in the late 1930s and early 1940s to know this is true.  Don’t think that was then and this is now.  That couldn’t happen in this country.  It could and I fear might if we do not stand-up for the oppressed, who will stand up for us when we are oppressed?  I don’t ask you to agree with me and I know many of you will not.  I just ask you to take a moment to ask yourself who you are and for what you believe.  How would you feel if you were one of the other people. Hate is a terrible insidious disease.  Rodney King was so right when he said “why can’t we all just get along”.



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